Energy Foundry

Kristin Munsch

Kristin Munsch is the Director of Policy and Senior Attorney with the Illinois Citizens Utility Board, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group that has represented utility ratepayers in proceedings before the Illinois Commerce Commission since 1983. CUB focuses on consumer protection and utility rates, and operates an active portfolio of projects to assist consumers in energy conservation.  As CUB’s attorney, she has appeared before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) regarding utility rate issues, energy efficiency planning and regulation, electricity supply procurement and deregulated competition in electricity supply.  She participates in statewide policy initiatives regarding technological and design improvements to the Illinois electric grid and consumer protection provisions specific to retail utility services, including the Illinois Statewide Smart Grid Collaborative and the Commonwealth Edison Advanced Metering Infrastructure pilot.

Ms. Munsch is currently on the Illinois Smart Grid Advisory Council and the Board of Directors for the Energy Foundry, an investment group focused on developing new smart grid technologies and products funded through the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act.  Immediately prior to joining CUB, she was an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois in the Public Utilities Bureau.  Prior to entering law school, Ms. Munsch was Associate Director of the Chicago Workforce Board and a policy analyst for the City of Chicago, focused on implementation of federal legislation at the local level around workforce development and welfare reform.  Ms. Munsch is a graduate of Northwestern University and the Chicago-Kent College of Law.