Energy Foundry

Eddie Johnston

As the Vice President of Research Operations, Edward (Eddie) Johnston drives cross-cutting activities and coordinates integrated responses to the industry’s most pressing needs. He oversees
GTI’s entire research staff—with initiatives ranging from increasing the supply of affordable natural gas and renewable energy, addressing infrastructure needs, and expanding customer markets and products—to deliver high-value products and services that enable our customers’ continued success.

GTI’s Energy Conversion Sector transforms coal, biomass, and raw natural gas resources into clean fuels, power, and chemicals. He leads GTI’s efforts across supply, delivery, and end use market sectors with offerings at every phase of the technology development cycle, from concept to commercialization.

The organization addresses challenges in unconventional gas production, pipeline and distribution integrity, and environmental footprint reduction—from downhole production to delivery at the customer meter.

GTI also develops and deploys clean, efficient technologies and products for energy consumers and industry—including industrial processes; power generation and CHP systems; residential/commercial building systems, equipment and appliances; and alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure.

Johnston has comprehensive experience and a solid reputation in the industry. Prior to joining GTI in 2007, he worked for Atmos Energy Corporation for 15 years. Before Atmos, he worked hands-on in the Gulf of Mexico off-shore oil industry with Rowan Companies.

Johnston earned a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University and graduated with honors from
the University of Chicago with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.