Energy Foundry

Connie Capone

Connie is an accomplished investment and business professional, particularly with early stage technology companies. She has experience with companies that are growing quickly, as well as those needing a fresh perspective. She has led software companies GreenOhm (energy data) and ePropertyData (commercial real estate data). ePropertyData was merged after a turnaround creating a positive outcome for investors. Connie also spent two years as EIR (entrepreneur in residence) at Argonne National Laboratory, representing various venture capital firms’ interests in Lab technology. She has the unique perspective of sitting on both sides of the table, as she spent 11 years as a Partner at JK&B Capital, investing in early stage technology companies. Prior to all of this, she was a Senior Manager at Booz Allen & Hamilton and started her career at Price Waterhouse, initially as an Audit and then developing and installing SAP financial software. Connie is a self-starter, described as being a high energy leader, comfortable working in ambiguous environments and charting new paths forward. Connie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University (Distinction and High Honors) and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.