Energy Foundry

What We Look For

Companies that solve today’s most pressing problems in energy markets with disruptive, rapidly scalable business models

  • A results-driven team looking for more than just capital
  • Transformational technologies or business models that solve real pain points for customers
  • A plan to capture a leadership position in large or high-growth markets
  • A value proposition that's grounded in sound economics

What To Expect

An investment in a long-term partnership. Our diligence focuses on how we can work together to maximize your business opportunity.

  • We work with leading innovators and entrepreneurs, so introduce yourself!
  • We take the time to get to know you, your business, your market, and why you'll crush it
  • We do deals with standard venture terms at fair valuations
  • We tap into our network of partners to help you build your company and ensure you have the capital, resources and relationships you need to grow